Technical Tour

Thursday, 22 September 2022
 Technical Tour

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 Technical Tour 1

 Becker Umweltdienste  -  Half day program 120 EUR

 Technical Tour 2

 Becker Umweltdienste  AWVC Abfallwirtschaftsverband Chemnitz  Full day program 180 EUR

 Technical Tour 3

 Becker Umweltdienste  Puraglobe  Full day program 180 EUR

AWVC Abfallwirtschaftsverband Chemnitz

AWVC operates a mechanical-physical treatment facility, also known as a material recovery facility (i.e. MPT or MP-MRF). The MPT sorts and treats residual municipal solid waste (i.e. unsorted & mixed MSW). It has a design capacity of 150,000 tons/year. It currently services the Chemnitz and Middle Saxony regions and treats 100,000 tons/year of unsorted & mixed MSW to recover recyclables (i.e. ferrous and non-ferrous metals, inert materials), and prepare refuse-derived fuel (i.e. RDF) for e.g. coal power plants, waste-to-energy plants, RDF power plants and/or cement plants.

Address: AWVC, Weißer Weg 180, 09131 Chemnitz 


Becker Umweltdienste

Becker Umwelt is a sorting facility for packaging waste (i.e. separately collected via the green dot system in Germany), as well as for other wastes (e.g. industrial waste, construction waste, wood waste, ….). The sorting facility for packaging waste enables the recovery of metal recyclables (e.g. ferrous and non-ferrous materials) as well as pure streams of plastics (i.e. PET, PP, PE, PS) and/or mixed plastics (i.e. PO). Residue plastic waste which are not suitable for material recycling are then prepared as RDF for e.g. cement plants, RDF power plants.

The sorting facility includes both mechanical and optical sorting equipment. It processes about 106,000 tons of waste annually, of which about 5000 tons/year is packaging waste.

Address: Becker Umweltdienst GmbH, Glück-auf-Schachthalde Langenau, Am Schacht 1, 09618 Brand-Erbisdorf


Puraglobe GmbH

Puraglobe is the world leader in the production of sustainable base oils from used oils and lubricants using its proprietary HyLubeSATTM and HyRes technologies. During the plant tour, participants will have the opportunity to view the HyRest pyrolysis technology and learn about its application for used oil and lubricants recycling. The liquid product is channeled back into chemical production. The gaseous and solid pyrolysis products are potential feedstock for waste gasification to produce synthesis gas or hydrogen to close the carbon cycle.

Adress: Puraglobe GmbH, Dr.-von-Linde-Straße 6, 06729 Elsteraue


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