Technical Tours during the 2022 International Freiberg Conference on Waste Gasification

The conference offers participants the opportunity for interesting on-site and off-site technical tours. On Tuesday 20.09.2022, participants will visit the entrained-flow, fluidized-bed and fixed-bed slagging pilot plants as well as diverse bench-scale and laboratory facilities at IEC in Freiberg and learn about their applications for waste gasification.  On Thursday 22.09.2022, the off-site technical tours will include two waste treatment and RDF preparation facilities namely Becker Umwelt (Packaging/plastic waste sorting & RDF production) and AWVC (Municipal waste sorting & treatment for RDF production). Additionally, participants will also have the opportunity to visit Puraglobe (HyRest pyrolysis technology for used oil and lubricants recycling). Further information of the off-site technical visits are available in the section Technical Tours.

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